Erin Freeland was turned onto photography 10 years ago in a junior high school art class. Her work has progressed into beautiful displays of turning mundane objects into pieces of glamour and eerily empty night landscapes. She describes her two very different styles of photography as her yin and yang, what keeps her balanced, and what gives her the challenge she craves.


     Erin is a photographer in a technological age, preferring to shoot medium format with a digital back in the studio, however in her night landscapes she enjoys shooting slide film for its raw and gritty qualities, and usually cross processes the film for an unusual shift in color. A photoshop sorcerer, she enjoys finding optical illusions in images and enhancing them to make an observer really think about what is or isn’t there. Currently she shoots with a Nikon D700 series camera.


     After being introduced to all of the possibilities photography had to offer, Erin really took off and excelled in the medium, taking as many classes as her high school allowed. She then made what she considers to be her best choice and attended Ringling College of Art and Design. She received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in the Photography and Digital Imaging. During her time in Ringling’s creative community, Erin flourished, and grew into the photographer she is today.